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Seven Hills
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NOW taking Enquiries

and Enrolments for 2017

If you are currently cosidering enrolling your child in one of our classes whether it be at Erindale or McKellar in the ACT, Seven Hills in NSW, Wynnum in Qld,  Point Cook in Victoria or Perth South in W.A. now is a good time to get in early for terms 1, 2, 3 & 4, 2017.

If you move now whilst your thinking about it, you could be setting up a successful future for your son or daughter.

Don't let them get further and further behind and be subject to more pressure in years to come.

Remember we have what we consider,

the best tutors,

the best programs, (follows the curriculum for each State or Territory)

the best system, (Both Maths & English covered for the same investment)

the best learning enviorenment,

the best contract (there isn't one) (just pay week by week).


So the next move is up to you, simply call your nearest office or the National Number on 1300 A TUTOR and start the return of that confidence your child once enjoyed.


The next move is up to you! We're ready, are you? 





Membership Fees




Our system means a family is not tied to any contract or contract period and can simply be evaluated on a week to week basis.

To assist families we offer several plans to enrol their children in our tutoring programs which cover both Maths & English at each session.

1. Pay by the session on attendance

  • Up to year 3:   $45.00
  • Years 4 to 10:  $48.00
  • Years 11 & 12:  $50.00 


2. Join our 12 week GOLD improvement program:

  • GOLD PROGRAM: Pay in full for one of the 12 week programs and receive a 10% discount

Our system of learning is designed around a 12 week course. This program can be commenced at any time during the year including the school holidays.

We offer a system of 12 credits per program, one credit being used for each session.

Obviously each student’s needs are going to be very different, and for success, need to be treated individually.

  • One type of student may only require one session per week. (1 Credit)
  • Another type of student may have more serious issues and initially require 2 or more sessions per week. ( 2 or 3 Credits)

With our credit system no family is disadvantaged.

Enrolment may commence at any time during the year (We do not function around the school term)



  • GOLD PLAN: If the 12 sessions are paid in full, families will be rewarded with a 10% discount.

If a session is missed, a make-up session will be arranged. 

All sessions must be used within the 12 weeks.

We offer a Sibling Discount of $5.00 per extra child

All enrolments include both Maths & English for the same single investment. In other words you do not pay for Maths & English tutoring separately.

One of the unfortunate concerns with the current education system is that the school system seems to wind down towards the end of each term and the end of each year, so students feel it is only normal for them to slacken off as well.

We don’t agree with this. We try to impress on students and parents that for success, we need to have consistency in our efforts right throughout the year.

Children’s education should not stop JUST BECAUSE SCHOOL DOES……….












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Testimonials and Reviews

From the Parents

testimonial1"Ben has enjoyed using this package and it has helped him quite significantly in both homework and exams."
Mrs Frost, mother of Year 8 student, Victoria

"Amanda has found the Preliminary Program extremely helpful as it follows precisely the course studied at school...The program has certainly improved not only her knowledge but also her confidence in her ability, so much so that she has topped her class in several tests and in the half-yearly exams."
Mr Johns, father of Year 11 student, NSW

“I like that it provides Zac with a challenge. He likes to go back to improve his last score. I really like the audio part that explains the problems with an Australian accent. It makes it very clear what to do.”
Parent of Zac, grade 5, WA

testimonial2From the Teachers

"I have had a number of students accessing the program and believe it to be beneficial to both struggling and more capable students alike. An excellent program I have no hesitation in recommending."
Ms Ladgrove, Enrichment Coordinator, Queensland.

"We strongly recommend it to homes for revision and consolidation of key skills and learning facts."
Mr Moran, Christian Schools System Inc, Victoria.

"This program provides the incentive for students to stick at it and improve their scores, resulting in a feeling of achievement. They wouldn't get this sort of feed-back from normal work"
Mr Mangan, chemistry teacher, Victoria.

"I find the program very useful for my students"
Dr Mishra, university lecturer (nursing).

testimonial3“The effectiveness of the system is confirmed by the large number of families using the new primary “Maths Wiz” program who say, “It is too easy” - yet the children have been thoroughly taught by the ‘easy’ program. I am most impressed that, using the program, the students have successfully learnt difficult concepts without the ‘hard work’ which is generally associated with learning mathematics through conventional methods,” Mr G. Moran, Head Master.

 From the Students

testimonial4"I couldn't really understand what my (school) teacher was explaining to me but this program is really helping me and I'm learning more and building my confidence in Maths. I was excited 'cos in my maths exam I got a really good score. So in the future I will be learning from this program and I'll try to get good scores like I did in my maths exam."

Nuria, Year 9, Victoria.

testimonial5I used the programs for Mathematical Methods during Year 11 and 12. They were great! Not only were there heaps of exam type examples, but also the program offered step-by-step solutions, which were easy to follow and made you feel as if a teacher was right there with you explaining the questions. And if I still couldn’t understand, there was always the option to talk one of tutors. Furthermore, the system allowed me to constantly test myself and keep a track of my improvement. Through consistent use of the program, I was able to achieve a raw study score of 49!

Thank you for all the help!

Premal Sanghvi, VCE Score 98.8

testimonial6"The system was a help because it allowed for the practice of coursework in a way that enabled the identification of weak areas of knowledge and the strengthening of those areas. It also gave another angle at which to view the information studied and hence improve explanations when answering questions."

Jenny Herrick, Victoria - Tertiary Entrance Score 99.8%.

testimonial7"Makes me better at maths because it helps me study for tests."

Tim, Year 8, Victoria.



“Really good – it has helped me with add and carry and borrow and subtracts, and it’s helped me with my spelling. Really great!”

Joseph (7 year-old home-schooler, Victoria).

“I have learned things I didn’t know before. This week I had 100 out of 100 for school maths. Sometimes Mum and Dad beg us to go to dinner, but we are using the program, so we don’t.”
Amanda, grade 6, Victoria.

testimonial10"In year 7 I worked hard at maths but in the final exam I came last in my class. Somehow the classroom work didn't get through to me. Since then I have worked all the problems on the program as the subjects come up in class and I have moved ahead of the syllabus. In the 6 months since I joined the program I have been promoted into the highest Maths class in my year and at the half-yearly exams I came second at maths in year 8."
Melissa, Year 8, NSW.

"In late year 9, I achieved 2 'C's (much to my luck, I expected even a D). Aiming at a course in university like computer science, these grades were not good enough. Then, in January, we started Maths Wiz for High School Maths. In year 10, I achieved 2 'A's and 2 'B' s for maths, putting me in the top 5 in my pathway one class (pathway one is the highest level class of a subject area). To top it off, I won the maths effort award for year 10 ! I found the software to be tremendously good."
Ethan, Year 10, W.A.


Education Now

Working on Maths Wiz and English Wiz throughout the year not only helps students to understand what they are doing but also allows them to absorb and retain the work in long term memory. Furthermore, the system identifies knowledge gaps and designs a revision program especially tailored to fit the individual student's needs. Although Program was designed for home use, without teacher support, the software is now becoming well established in school computer rooms, where it can be used on a network or on stand-alone computers. "We thought the system would give the girls a bit of confidence in tackling the subject," says Tony Mangan, senior chemistry teacher at Kilbreda school, Mentone, Victoria, "and most of the girls enjoyed using it."

"The primary advantage of working on the program is that it allows them to sit through and work at their own pace. So the slower ones are still able to cover the same amount of work as the rest of the class. The computer also gives them the incentive to stick at it and improve their score, resulting in a feeling of achievement. They wouldn't get this sort of feedback from normal work."
Mr. Mangan.


testimonial11Maths Wiz is written by senior Victorian teachers and conforms to the Victorian syllabus. It is an extremely valuable back-up for high-school students' classroom learning. A great feature is that the program keeps track of the student's progress and designs a unique revision program to improve on the student's weaknesses. The system is very easy to use and is a cheap alternative to a human personal tutor. It runs under Windows and has modest hardware requirements.


If you're after well made, seriously useful tutorial programs for Australian syllabus, Maths Wiz and English Wiz looks to be what you need.


testimonial12If you are a high school student aged 12 to 17 years, this may be just the product to provide you with a solid backup to classroom learning throughout the year. Specially written by Australian teachers and examiners, Maths Wiz and English Wiz High School Maths covers everything from basic algebra to statistics.

The system range also includes year 11 & 12 courses in maths and science tailored to the curriculums of NSW, Victoria and Queensland. You can, for example, study NSW HSC Maths or science, Victoria VCE Maths or Science, or Queensland Maths and Science (including units on biology, chemistry and physics). The Program is available in home or school versions. It is particularly valuable for students who wish to enter university or TAFE as competition for entry to most courses is intense.

Maths Wiz and English Wiz programs are the best software available for Australian maths students in Years 7 - 12 The Personal Tutor series is appropriate for both bad and good students to help them learn from where they're at. Full solutions are given and these are carefully explained. Personal Tutor is tailored for the high school curriculums our kids are trying to master. It offers more coaching than a textbook and appeals to those students who love working with computers.


The strength of Personal Tutor Maths is that it is a teaching package. Information is carefully structured and the program instructs by asking a question, indicating the relevant information you need to answer and walking you through the entire solution if you make a mistake. You can produce a report of your strengths, weaknesses and progress at every stage of learning.


testimonial13Right now, Year 12 students are hunkering down for that annual ritual- the HSC - alternating between cups of strong coffee and gentle herb teas. While some head to floatation tanks, others party away. Parents, meanwhile, are tiptoeing past grumpy offspring, while the Year 11 students look on with
the greatest interest of all. They stand in the shadows and spout a legion of promises. "No way am I leaving it all to the last minute," and "I'm starting studying right now... well, next week anyway".
Such grand intentions often fail simply because the students don't know how to study or what to study, or because they don't have the structures to support consistent study habits.
Personal Tutor's Year 12 Maths package can provide the structure and the material many need. The program's strength is not in teaching the concepts, but in providing structures revision for the motivated but disorganised student. It can also be a great confidence-builder.


testimonial14If you are worried about how to help your child with mathematics and science subjects at school, the Personal Tutor, "High School" programs could solve your problem. This is an easy way to learn and you are able to use it on your home computer whenever needed. Using Personal Tutor, the student can make the quantum leap from being hopeless at maths to working confidently. The student can work at his or her own pace with plenty of help and no criticism! You can look up what you need to know for homework and do an interactive lesson on it, or do tests covering selected lessons to prepare for a school test or examination.

Maths Wiz is specifically written by Australian teachers and examiners and covers everything from basic algebra to statistics. The system teaches, tests and prepares a revision program based on the student's performance. It also provides parent/teacher reports so you can keep track of work done. The course is useful for students aged from 12-17, as it teaches many concepts in maths which will be used throughout high school.


The Maths package in the Personal Tutor series of Windows based computer programs is an easy to use, easy to install software package which covers the routine elements of the CSF Maths strands for Years 7 to 10 and is designed as a tutorial program for individual student use.The main strength of the package is that the student is provided with a very structured and systematic revision program for the practice of facts and skills covered at school. Also the student is given immediate feedback and the option of being able to view the correct solution after a wrong answer. Repetition is a key element in the program and could motivate weaker students.
Teachers at University High School - written for Vinculum


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Tutoring Centres of Excellence

Erindale Centre
(Head Office)

(covering Tuggeranong, Woden & Quenbeyan)
(02) 6291 3389

(covering Belconnen and Gungahlin)
(02) 6291 3389

Seven Hills
02 9672 7640

(02) 6291 3389

Point Cook
03 9395 8634

Perth (South)
(02 6291 3389)

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Parents' Thoughts

Sean has been struggling with his Maths since year 5, and now nearing the end of year 7 we were quite concerned. We were recommended to AAME by friends who had two of their children studying there. Since we enrolled Sean we have noticed a big difference in his confidence. His knowledge and results are showing a great improvement.
Thank you AAME  - Peter (surname withheld)

Cameron is currently in year 6 and has been struggling with Maths for a couple of years. With High School just around the corner, we had concerns. Cameron has been attending the Academy for two terms now and with the assistance from the wonderful staff Cameron now finally “gets it”. He has gained more confidence in himself and has improved in all aspects of his school work. Cameron’s teacher has also seen a huge boost in his confidence and outlook on life in general, she is encouraging Cameron to continue his studies at the Academy throughout year 7 as she believes as we do, that he will continue to grow and the results will be worth while.  - Linda & Bob from Duffy

There has been massive improvement in Esther’s attitude and confidence at school. She is now one of the top Maths students in her class, also showing excellent improvement in her English. Thank you for your help. - Esther Snr. from Gungahlin (Surame withheld)

Jessica is in year 7 and was finding the start of high school quite demanding. The Academy of Maths & English explained that she needed to revise some of her work back as far as year 5. Since starting this process there has been a massive shift in her confidence and she’s actually enjoying school again. - Therese from Fadden (Surname withheld)

Nisha is gifted, but we wanted to develop her ability to the greatest extent possible. She is now at the top of her class. A straight “A” student. Thank you - Neena, Mother of Nisha.

Michael has always found Maths hard but the computer system and the assistance from the lovely tutors at the Academy are helping Michael to recover his lost confidence.

Alex just didn’t understand. Year 9 Algebra wasn’t happening so he simply closed down. Now after 2 terms with the Academy and assistance of their wonderful young tutors he finally now “gets it” It was an effort but well worth the results for us and  Alex agrees. - Peter from Wanniassa. (Surname withheld).

Ryan was year 7 and along way behind. Since commencing the program by AAME the Maths teacher has noticed a big improvement in Ryan’s results as his grades have gone from E’s & D’s to C’s & 2 B’s. - Kim, mother of Ryan.

Lachlan is currently in year 3 and has always struggled with his school work. Lachlan has been attending the Academy of Maths & English now for two terms and “WOW” what a difference. Lachlan has achieved so much in this short time at the Academy with his reading, maths and his general development all round. He comes out of the Academy full of confidence which is also reflecting in the school classroom. After speaking to his teacher, his comment is Lachlans reading is now “AWESOME” and his confidence is developing more and more each day. He also said Lachlan’s confidence in class discussions shows great improvement as well. He now has the answers to 9 out of 10 questions. He believes Lachlan has grown in confidence with his school work, noticeably since enrolling at the Academy.
Bob & Linda from Duffy also parents of Cameron.

Thanks AAME you’ve finally given us some peace of mind at home Maria has settled down and now ALMOST looks forward to her Maths classes. Her teacher is amazed with the results. - Bev (surname withheld)

Kieran has been attending "the academy" for only a short time, but the results have been amazing. He has got his confidence back and is ready to take on the challenge of High School. The relaxed atmosphere has really suited him as it makes the sessions not seem like work at all, rather a fun place to go twice a week. Thanks for all the hard work from the young tutors that have worked with him. We look forward to returning again next year. Mother of Kieran. (Surname withheld on purpose).

Jess who is in year 8 needed help with her maths and Will in year 5 required assistance with his English. Both have found the computer based training provided by the Australian Academy of Maths & English very helpful and enjoyable. We have been delighted to find that they actually love learning in the great environment. Jess is now achieving top marks in maths and Will's confidence in reading and writing has sky rocketed. Thank you AAME you can take the full credit for their improvements. Matt & Marie Parents.

My daughter struggled and hated Maths at school but now after 12 months with the Academy her confidence and grades have greatly improved.  She really enjoys her tutors and the one on one attention she receives. I feel great about her tutoring as I don't have the knowledge to help with her year 8 homework. Her tutors have an up-beat way of teaching which she really enjoys.   Mother of Rikkea from Florey (Surname withheld)

Katelyn is in year one and was really struggling at school she was unable to to sound out letters and words.  AAME was recommended to us by other parents and now after six months she is reading simple books and sounding out words. Katelyn enjoys  going to "Wiz Kids" , and she loves the tutors who are always friendly and supportive.  Katelyn is now much improved in her literacy skills and shows improved confidence with her approach to school work.  Signed by mother of Katelyn (Surname witheld)

Both of our boys enjoy the computer programs used by AAME. We have found dealing with AAME has been a great experience for our family. The staff have been wonderful lin assisting both children  (Year 7 and Year 4) to grow and understand concepts without feeling silly. Receiving ongoing reports using the "Maths Doctor" has been great to analyse the improvement of each child. Keep up the great work AAME! Submitted by mother of both Liam and Caleb.

Luke is in year 3 and his teacher advised that Luke needed some extra help with his spelling and Maths as he was having problems understanding the basics. It was established that Luke was 2 years behind, one year further on with the assistance of AAME Luke is now up to par with his class and we are very pleased with his progress.  Mother of Luke.  Surname withheld on purpose.